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Local Links and Tools

Neighborhood Councils
Planning web sites
LAPD / Public Safety
City of Los Angeles
LA County, State, Federal

The Arroyo Seco Communities

Hermon Community Website

Montecito Heights
Montecito Heights - The Wilderness in the City

Monterey Hills
Monterey Hills - Outlook

Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington Association
Mt. Washington Homeowners Alliance

Sycamore Grove
This site is in development.

Neighborhood Council and Related Groups

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment - DONE website
Board of Neighborhood Commissioners - BONC / DONE Agendas
City of LA's Early Notification System - subscribe to recieve email Agendas from City Council, Council Committees, Boards & Commissions
Los Angeles City Attorney - website
City Attorney Brown Act opinion - 08/05/04 (pdf file

Local History & Resources

Bob Taylor's Real Estate Guide is one of the first and still one of the best information sources on all things North East Los Angeles.

The Arroyo Seco Journal, run by long-time local journalist Eddie Rivera, is back. His paper provides coverage of North East Los Angeles and is available online. To view the current issue go to: ?

The Boulevard Sentinel is nicely printed, well-edited, and appears to appeal to advertisers, reporting news relevant to our communities. To view the current issue go to:

The South Pasadena Preservation Foundation now has a website at

E-group Lists

  • LA Neighborhood Council Issues ( website and e-group) was established to share vital information about the many regional and citywide issues facing our communities. ASNC's Bill Murray created the website, and moderates the e-group. - visit the website
    Click here to join the LANCissues e-group

  • The Montecito Heights Improvement Association (MHIA) has an MHIA e-group. It's unmoderated and has some of the nicest members you'll ever meet.

  • News and updates for the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council community can be found on the ASNCAlerts e-group. It is not necessary to join this group in order to review the latest messages.

  • Join the free and uncensored discussion about all issues relating to Northeast Los Angeles at the NortheastLA e-group. Your opinion will be welcome and valued in this friendly forum.